Foreign Qualified Lawyers

The Foreign Qualified Lawyers Committee was first established in 2020, by the Islamabad High Court Bar Association and is now reconstituted in 2023 by the new cabinet of IHCBA.The objective of the FQLC is facilitating enrollment at Islamabad Bar Council, enhancing capacity and fostering networking and knowledge exchange.

Why the Name "Foreign Qualified

Lawyers Committee?

In numerous legal jurisdictions,

foreign-educated lawyers are

permitted to practice law, subject to

specific conditions and often creates a

separate guidance for them to allow

them to practice in that jurisdiction.Pakistan, including the

Islamabad Bar Council, upholds a

similar practice. The term "foreign

degree holders" is used by the

Islamabad Bar council referring to

individuals whose first law degree is

from outside Pakistan. These individuals are allowed to enroll, provided they meet certain criteria.

Why the Need for Representation for

Foreign Qualified Lawyers (FQL) at

the Islamabad Bar:

What distinguishes Pakistan from

other legal systems is the substantial

number of foreign law degree holders,

largely attributable to the popularity

of the University of London

International Programme.

Thisprogram produces approximately

600 graduates annually in Islamabad

alone. However, these FQLs

encounter obstacles during the

licensing process, primarily stemming

from varying degree verification procedures. Their lack of familiarity

with preparation for additional exam

of HEC SEE coupled with insufficient

guidance, often deters them from

pursuing the license or results in

abandonment of their efforts. Among

those FQLs who do acquire licenses

and are eligible for Islamabad High

Court Bar Association (IHCBA)

membership mostly don’t pursue it.

Conversely, those who do engage are

often inactive. The necessity for

increased inclusivity aligns with the

broader interests of both the IHCBA

and the legal fraternity. Armed with foreign law degrees, these lawyers are authorized to practice Pakistani law following enrollment. However, they lack the comprehensive understanding of

Pakistani law that domestic law

graduates possess. Thus, a program

for capacity building becomes


Objectives of the Foreign Qualified

Lawyers Committee (FQLC)

The FQLC has three primary


1. Facilitating enrollment at

Islamabad Bar Council: We aim to

provide support and guidance to streamline the licensure process for

foreign qualified lawyers.

2. Enhancing Capacity: Our

committee seeks to bridge the

knowledge gap between foreign and

domestic law graduates, ensuring parity in fundamental legal understanding.

3. Fostering Networking and

Knowledge Exchange: By organizing

events and activities, we aspire to create a platform where foreign

qualified lawyers can interact and

network with active bar members.

This exchange of knowledge and

experiences benefits all participants.

If you are a current or prospective member of the Islamabad bar, kindly fill out the following form. FAIpQLSeOylgjnxn- UElAvlQmJx1FQ3Rx8R0e8IQzHQ0 MCA6LY9jaUA/viewform



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